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On entering the Order, Dominican friars give up all personal property, committing themselves to poverty through religious vows.

The generous support we receive from many lay people is then essential to enable us to sustain and develop our mission. Here are the details of our most important needs at this time.

General support

Food, clothing, a roof over our heads – these everyday needs help us sustain 90 friars of all ages. But other costs also add up, as we visit parishes and other places to preach and teach. Gifts given for general support can be redirected by us to the areas of greatest need, giving us greater flexibility.

• £800,000 per year

Training new friars

We have seen a surge in vocations to the friars in recent years, but there are insufficient funds to cover the cost of training these young men. To avoid having to divert money away from our mission-related activities, we must act swiftly to plug this gap. Read more here.

• £1 million needed urgently

Opening up our heritage

To ensure the public can benefit fully from the buildings in our care, we need to raise funds for projects such as these:

London  (St Dominic's)

To launch this historic church as the diocesan Shrine of the Holy Rosary, we are undertaking extensive renovation and development of facilities. 

• £800,000 needed

Cambridge  (Blackfriars Priory)

Our disabled access lift and facilities are nearly complete; support us as we improve the chapel.

• £125,000 needed

Oxford Priory

Considerable ongoing maintenance and repair costs in this important centre of study and religious life.

• £100,000 needed

Leicester  (Holy Cross)

Current needs include overhauling the parish centre to make it a more attractive venue for hire, able to generate new income, as well as serve the parish's needs.

• £250,000 needed

Helping university students

The Dominican Friars act as chaplains in nine British universities, however little if any funding is provided, and to support it we have to draw on the limited funds and resources of the Dominican houses where our chaplains live. We also want to find funding so that students, who are typically heavily in debt, can take full advantage of the excellent faith formation opportunities we provide, such as pilgrimages and retreats, through the provision of subsidies to them.

To safeguard and develop this important work, we are seeking to raise additional funding.

• £75,000 needed

Serving the people of the Caribbean

For over a century, the Dominicans of the English Province have been serving the Church in the Caribbean, in parishes, schools, chaplaincies, seminaries, and caring for the poor and oppressed.

Our friars in Grenada and Barbados could not survive without the contributions made from generous individuals in the UK. This was especially important when we were forced to rebuild our church and priory, following their total destruction by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

To secure our future service to the people of the Caribbean, we need to continue to raise funds.

• £50,000 per year
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